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Road Trip

Well we did get away early, just past 6am which was great going when you have the Mr K factor.  Its hard getting up that early but wow its worth it.  Grey and wet, but when the sun started to come up it was very pretty.  I don't think I have ever driven this way south before, but wow it was a lovely drive.  Except for the gale force winds and sheets of rain around Mandurah.  Just another reason I wouldn't want to live here.

The road bypasses most of the bigger towns, until you turn off onto the South Western Highway.  I have been to all the towns we passed through, just not in this order.  Some very cute and pretty little towns - each one I fancied myself living there!


Donnybrook (mmm apples)


Bridgetown (especially liked it here, even checked out the real estate boards!)

Had breakfast in Bridgetown and regaled the story of the last time I was here (much to Master C's embarrassment).  I was 16.  I had come with a friend whose Dad was a trotter (as in horses) driver.  I was just a bit infatuated with a boy who lived here in Bridgetown, but went to Ag School in my home town of Denmark.  He was dark haired and mysterious and all the girls thought he was just the bees knees.  He was a year older than me (part of the appeal) and was very 'cool' (as only a 17 year old boy can be).  I met him at the trots and we sat in his (dads) farm ute.  All was going along very well until he put the hard word on me.  Of course I was a good girl back then, and said no.  To which he replied that I could get out of the car and walk home!  I think the not so polite terminology is 'stalk or walk'.  Gee, harsh but good lesson!  Wonder what he is doing now :-).  Sorry C!

Took the back road to Mr K's Dads farm, so skipped the town of Walpole for now.  He was not home, so we set up camp where we thought was a good place.  That's the beauty of a farm, you have plenty of choices when it comes to a camp spot.

Will regale the nights events in another post.  Ciao for now.

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