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Long and Loud

We heard the whistle long and loud yesterday, it was unmistakable - a steam train was in town. This morning we learnt more, an historic steam train was in town for one day, making two return shuttle trips open to the public.

 Off to our familiar local bridge to watch the train head out on its first trip. The whistle and clackity-clack sounds preceded it.

The engine was coupled facing backwards, not much chance of seeing where they were going.

Some of us were keen to travel on the afternoon journey. We had never boarded a train in our own town, our station being a stop for long distance trains only.

Wonder and excitement as we crossed the bridge by train for the first time.

The view down our main street looked totally different from this vantage point.

 We were soon out into open countryside. The animals were unsure about this new noisy visitor!

After about half an hour it was time to stop.....

and let the engine uncouple on a length of double track and head to the "rear" of the train to pull us back to town.

The interior of the restored carriages was delightful. Being only half full on the afternoon run made our trip even more enjoyable.

Then back towards town.....

The open windows were a pleasant delight to all.

 Home again.

We were reluctant to leave the station. Maybe we will all travel on the train if it tours our area again in the future. I think I enjoyed it as much as the children did, if not more.

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