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Macro Fun

The world of macro photography gives us a further glimpse into the awesome and intricate details of God's creation.

Just recently I discovered that my little snap-on Raynox macro conversion lens will also work with my telephoto kit lens (55-250mm), giving me opportunity to move in even closer. Today I took time to experiment and have some fun with this combination.

First photo has minor cropping, taken at 55mm.

The last two photos are not cropped at all. The one above is taken at 123mm, the one below at 250mm, minor editing only - no cropping, no tripod.

The keys to using the Raynox with both my old fixed-lens camera and my DSLR are manual focusing, keeping the camera steady (easier when sitting down or leaning the camera against something) and patience. The results are delightful and fascinating to me.

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