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Making the Yard and Tool Shed Door

Day 3.  Sunday, the day of rest!  haha.  So much to get done today.  Bobby will make doors for the tool shed now that we have widened the doorway to fit the ride on mower in.  Kim and I will make a gate for the day yard and put in posts and rails to make it enclosed.  We have to concrete a ramp so the horses can get into the stable easily and then there are a million other little jobs to finish it all off.  When I say 'finish' I mean the most pressing things, I don't think we will ever 'finish' the things that need doing and what we want to do here - but that's all part of the future fun.

The day yard is something I am very lucky to have.  It is fully covered in, and now has direct access to the stables.  It will be great when the weather is either too hot or too wet, when you have a horse that needs confining, for the farrier to work in, to saddle-up in etc. 

The trusted old cement mixer was dragged out of retirement and dusted off and the old trooper actually worked, despite not running for 2 years and being left out in the weather.  This is the corner of my day-yard looking out towards the dressage arena.

Bobby finished off the stable doors with panels above so the horses don't get a draft ... haha .. a draft horse!  (that was Dads joke!)

The Gate all made up and hung.  Just need to finish off filling in the posts and we are done.  The posts were cemented in the bottom to make them really secure.

The new doors on the Tool Room.  We had to cut a bricks width off the doorway as the ride-on mower was too wide to fit in the original opening.  Then Dad made these doors, that are now solid and lockable so all the equipment can be secured even when the stables are open.

It was a very long day, and we didn't get all that we wanted to get done.  The tenants came and brought us drinks, so it was kinda tools down before we had packed up tools etc.  We had an audience while we made the concrete ramp and it got rushed and I was not happy with it at all.  Way too steep and not wide enough for horses to move on safely.

Made the decision to come back on the Monday, Mr K and I will take the day off work. 

Cam called and said he was going to make us dinner!  I had a lovely piece of pork to cook, and my angel boy took it to his place and cooked it on the BBQ.  With roast potatoes and steamed beans, a few bottles of wine and it was the perfect end to a hard but satisfying day.  

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