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Onto the next Project

So now that we have the office sorted with new showroom counters and the techs have their new helpdesk bench, and the tenants are happy (for now) with the work we have done out at Wattle Grove, and the boys have finished most of the big projects at their place, its time to turn our attention to our very neglected home.

It's a bit of a "there's a hole in the bucket dear Liza" scenario - we have to do each part in sequence.  Two time critical projects -
  1. Now that I am working from home I need a dedicated office that is not in the loungeroom and
  2. The guest wing needs to be finished for when Mum has her hip operation in September so she can come and do her re-hab here in comfort and with her own space. 
I am hoping we can take 2 weeks off work (our holidays) to get stuck in and do the whole lot at once.  Its not much fun doing it in dribs and drabs on weekends, and I really am ready to have a few weekends to myself to do normal things, like the weekly washing, vacuum the floors and maybe, just maybe, read a book or go to the movies. 

So, for now, some inspiration to keep the enthusiasm up ...

Home Office

Guest Wing


Library/Gentlemans Room

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