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Planning Day

Picked up Dad from the airport this morning, he has come up to help us with a big project out at Wattle Grove.  The tenants have requested that one of the stables is converted into  walk-in walk-out, which we were going to do when we move there eventually, but to keep the tenants appeased, we said we would do one stable now. 

What I wished I had

It was a planning day today, so we went out there to measure up, make plans, make a list of all the equipment we will need and decide on a plan of attack.

The fun part for the boys will be cutting a doorway through the brick wall, so they will need a kick-ass brick cutter from the hire place. 

Very flash walk-in walk-outs

Most of the timber we need we already have, so there wasn't a lot to buy at Bunnings.  I know Kim was itching to justify another new power tool, but he already has most toys tools now, so he is running out of excuses to buy new ones.

Quiet night at home, just Mr K, Dad and I and some very yummy takeaway Thai from our local restaurant.

If I had an old farmhouse this is what I would like.  These will be like the doors we will have.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day, so to bed early was welcomed.  We did however watch a very cute movie - Hugo and introduced Dad to the last episode of series 2 of Game of Thrones.  I know, mean right!?

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