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Strawb & Jago - The Beginning - Roleystone

At the beginning of the year, my bestest friend, Strawb and I pledged that we would make much more of an effort to have quality time together - well actually - any time together.  Despite living in the same city, we see each other very infrequently.  Its a sad indictment to our busy lives, the aversion to travel across town (we are really only 45 minutes away from each other, well when the traffic is not peakhour) and ... I dont know any other excuses?  Were we taking our friendship for granted?  We love hanging out together, but we do have different lives I guess, we always have since adulthood. 

Despite this, after 40 years of friendship, when we do manage to get together, its as easy as it ever was. We are so compatable and so comfortable with each other. We really are more like sisters than anything and I feel truly blessed to have her as a constant in my life.

It's 1975, we have been best friends for 3 years.  It was Christmas and I think Strawb got this teddy bear as a present.  I KNOW she got the funky beanbag from Santa ... imagine it today!  She hasnt changed one bit.  Except her fashion sense has improved - socks and sandels hahaha (Shhh I am wearing socks and SLIPPERS as I type)

So, back to the pledge.  It was decided that once a month we would have a day all to ourselves to do exactly as we wished.  We planned it out, even went as far as writing out a schedule for the whole year.  On the 2nd last Friday of each month, we would take it in turns to plan a special day. 

It's now June and we have just managed to go on our second outing!  Life just keeps getting in the way, it's neither of our faults, it's just how the mop flops!  But I guess 2 outings is better than we managed the year before and we can only get better.

The first trip was Strawbs pick ... we caught the train down to Mandurah and walked around and had lots of coffee, cake and then lunch.  I will admit we also found a few empty wine bottles at the end of the day, but it was a very hot day and we did walk a lot!  It was a great day.  Wish we had taken photo's.

Outside Roleystone Primary School.  It hasn't changed much at all, unlike me!
(Strawb hardly looks a day older)

So, yesterday was my pick.  I wanted to surprise Strawb with a trip down memory lane, well down and up some lanes actually - where we grew up was in the hills of Roleystone.  Maybe thats why we both still have good legs at a few years shy of 50 - all those hills we hiked up on foot and bike. I only realised after we had taken this photo, that it would have been 40 years ago this year that we met in grade 2 at this amazing school.  We had such freedom here, the bush that was our playground is still there, if a little trodden down!

Great and inspiring idea at Dawson's where we had our first stop and cup of tea.  I have Dad's old work boots to fill with flowers.  I think a mirror in the door panels would look great too!  This is going to be a spring project for sure.

But first we stopped into a well known plant nursery for a cup of tea and spot of breakfast, as you do.  A pot of tea, savory muffin and piece of apple pie, (all shared of course) later, and we were back on the trail.
What is it with us, photo's and mirrors!

The final phase of the day was a walk around (yes more plant nurseries .. I did have a theme here!) Melville Rose Farm and then lunch at the cafe.  The food was nothing special, but we did manage to chat away two and a half hours. 

Must make a note here - everywhere we have gone so far is full of oldies (you know, real oldies). Friday must be their day out too - so I guess you could say Strawb and I are just getting into the habit of Friday Frollicks early as I know we will be doing this well into our 80's and beyond.  I think we need to decide now who will be the one to have the walking frame and who will have lost their mind!

Thanks for an awesome day Strawb, and an even more awesome 40 years of unconditional friendship.

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