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The Home Building has Started!

 Removing tree roots to clear the area.
 Moving a tree-we sure hope it lives!
 Watching all the action
 Tobogganing in the summertime! :O)

 The forms laid out and ready for the concrete truck to come pour
 Missing out on the concrete truck but sleeping beautifully!

I can hardly believe it's all begun!  So excited and thankful-and just a tad nervous about all the help Dan is going to need from me.  I may be a framer's daughter but I don't 'get' this kind of work-I'd rather serve coffee than follow instructions about holding a tape measure to make sure the stakes are in the right spot!  It will be a learning experience and a fun challenge.  Although, to my credit Dan was laughing at me and said 'I thought you were a framer's daughter!' when I couldn't follow his instructions and it turns out I gave him some good advice about not changing the angle of the garage.  I even used the word 'trusses'!  I was worried that changing the angle would affect the trusses and well, not to brag or anything, but I was right! ;O)lol

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