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Walking Together

As "promised", the following morning brought delightful sunshine, beckoning us outside for a walk.

The foyer's atrium was sensational in the morning sunlight as we passed through towards the beach.

The resort looks rather impressive from the tree-line which separates the grass from the beach.

Quite a steep beach with a rough surf, not safe for swimming but perfect for a winter stroll.

We soon took jackets and shoes off.

A small creek runs into the ocean....

 ........flowing swiftly after the rain, preventing a safe crossing. We head for the grassed areas beyond.

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A beautiful line of fig trees gently leads us back to the creek.

The rain has brought extra water to spill over one side of the creek bank.

The figs form a welcoming arch over the entry road, leading us back to the main building.

I'm always extra grateful for a sunny day after a few rainy ones, especially when that day finds you in a new place to explore and walk together. It was only yesterday, one hour's drive, yet it already seems like a dream from another time.

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