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Washpool National Park

                                                                                            Available for purchase here

The sound of the waterfall and cool mountain air greeted us as we left our vehicle. A short walk of many stairs brought us to the base of the falls.

The cool, damp gully is the perfect place for several varieties of tiny fungi, nestled amongst the mosses.

The water slowly moves away as the creek winds enticingly out of sight.

With shutter speed set to half a second, I catch the top of the falls, and consider again buying a tripod.....

Barbecued sausages followed by toasted marshmallows, a treat for the children, helps warm us this winter's day.

                                                                                                                                      Available for purchase here

A long, flatter walk leads us to Lyrebird Falls, as we listen to Bellbirds, Lyrebirds and others.

This wonderful national park is just an hour and a half from home, yet 1000m higher. The landscape and climate is much different.

                                                                                                                              Available for purchase here

On returning from our walk we discover a Red-Necked Wallaby gently grazing near the picnic area.

The best Sunday we've had for a long time - a family day bringing new sights, fresh air, lots of fun and laughter and great memories.

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