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Comings and Goings

Let me share a little of our comings and goings over the last few days.....
Master J has had a couple of flying lessons.

Those who flew out on Sunday returned bearing sweet treats from far away. However sickness has come for a visit too. Miss E was being very brave as she showed her chocolate medal. The three youngest are all unwell now.

The heady scent of Jonquils greeted me before I saw them on an evening walk.

The river was very calm, bearing reflections of the clouds above.

A lone cyclists heads towards me on the bridge as I turn for home.

Half the family are away this weekend for another cricket training camp.

Yesterday morning I headed out on a neighbourhood walk in search of sunlit flowers. The Jonquils are growing under some pine trees and were already in shade again, yet still beautiful.

I found these brilliant Poinsettias with raindrop jewels glistening in the morning light.

No matter what the coming week holds, I'm sure there'll be joy, beauty and contentment to be found, for all of us.

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