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Have you ever noticed that we tend to discover interesting and beautiful things in new or exotic locations?

It's so easy to overlook the existence or the "specialness" of similar or identical items close to home.

A few shorts weeks ago I marvelled over mosses and lichens high up in the mountains of a National Park.

The moss and fungi I found in a rainforest by the sea had captured my imagination and opened my eyes anew.

Little did I realise I have very similar wonders growing in my own front yard...... right under my nose,
or more accurately, under my feet! They have in fact been there for many years!

The brick base of an old fence is home to an amazing range of tiny mosses and lichens which I had previously paid no attention to, unassuming yet intricate and quite stunning when closely studied. I suspect I'll never exhaust the seemingly endless supplies of beauty and marvels which surround my everyday "ordinary" life, both the visible and the invisible......

NB All of these were taken using my Raynox super macro conversion lens clipped onto my 50mm lens.

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