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McChef Magazine

MasterChef Australia is currently our family's favourite TV program. Series 4 of this competitive cooking game show will conclude later this week. It has sparked a renewed interest in cooking amongst the children.

Each child already prepares one evening meal per week and several of the children enjoy baking sweet treats. However there is a fresh enthusiasm at the moment to try new and more difficult recipes.

I have decided to harness this interest, the children are currently working on their first edition of a mini publication, "McChef Magazine" as part of their school work. It will contain a variety of recipes as well as several food related articles.

Yesterday Miss V (8) made profiteroles and chocolate sauce for a delicious evening treat for all the family.

None of the children had seen profiteroles before. Miss E (20) helped Miss V with some of the tasks.

Miss V had seen the recipe in one of our books and was determined that this was what she wanted to make.

She constructed a beautiful cream-filled tower

 then drizzled warm homemade chocolate sauce over  them.

It was a good thing the profiteroles were petite, for we were rather full after Master T's lasagne. There are some left overs for today - yum!

Some more recent contenders for the cover of McChef Magazine, chocolate cake made with olive oil by Miss E (4) - with help, a delicious Chocolate Raspberry Slice by Miss G (14) and also by Miss G, a yeast based Chelsea Bun.

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