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More Than a Puzzle

It's not just a puzzle, it's a mix of childhood memories and dreams.

Dreams of a simple agrarian lifestyle, memories of my father milking our house cow and my mother tending our large vegetable garden on the farm of my childhood, of red tractors and chasing hens barefoot through long green grass.

"Look Mummy, there's even a man cleaning his teeth!"

A remembering of completing puzzles as a child and enjoying puzzles with each of my eight children. 

There are also links to my present reality, the solar panels on our own roof are close to my heart. This puzzle is the one "treat" I bought while on our recent child-free night away. Something which ties past and present, child and parent happily together.

Miss E (4) can now complete it without any help but she still prefers it to be one of our "together" activities and it's my pleasure to oblige.

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