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Renovation Day 10

Woohoo.  Finished painting the four rooms that will be carpeted tomorrow.  Talk about cutting it fine.  That's 4 rooms done and only 1 to go - feels good to be on the home run.  My new office is the one still to be done, and its only a little room and hasn't been used much so it will be an easy job.  Just as well, as we will only have 2 days to get it done, before the final carpet laying on Friday.  Of course, as we go, there seems to be a growing list of  things we will do 'later'!  Later is a planet far far away, another time and place.  It actually gets a little depressing coming across all the little things that need doing.

Plan of attack to combat Planet Later is to make a list of the jobs as they come up and to set aside every second weekend as a job weekend.  Cross them off as we go.

So, feel good moment today was when I was washing out the brushes knowing that all the painting that needed to be done was done.  It looks great too.  I keep going in there and admiring it.  Loving the latte colour with the crisp white door frames and cornices, so fresh and clean now.

Love this look.  Will replace the solid door with this same glass panelled one up the other end.

Library looking much more sophisticated

Craft room - can't wait to line the walls with shelves

Loving the crisp white door frames and cornices.  Just the look I was after

The door frames came up really well using the spray gun

Guest room windows. 

Guest room all looking stunning

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