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Renovation - Day 13

Final little bit of painting to do today, my new office.  Its only a small room, so wont take long.  Mr K and I have it working like clockwork, he cuts in and I roller.  First however we (as in Mr K) had to sand the filled patches.  Then it was my turn with the vacuum and a soft brush, to clean the walls.  Then a quick vacuum of the floor to get rid of any remaining dust.  A wash of the walls with sugar soap, let it dry and we are ready to start our painting engines.

Mr K starts by cutting in the cornices.  I let him get ahead (don't worry, I go and potter about in the laundry or kitchen while I wait for him) on the cutting in so he doesn't have to lean on wet walls.  Then he calls me, and I trot in, roller in hand and set to work.  Its really very therapeutic painting.  I love getting a good rhythm on, and I have a technique that really works.  Had a brief moment when I thought this might be fun as a career, but as I say, it was only brief.

It took us 1 hour 15 mins to completely paint the room.  Letting it dry, we got on with more sorting through stuff and putting it away.  It has been a very non stressful task - I just grab a box of stuff, or a pile of books and have a good look at each item.  Asking myself :
  1. Do I really love it?
  2. Does it make me smile or feel good?
  3. Is it useful?
  4. Will I use it in the next 12 months?
  5. Can I access it in other ways? (like books that I can get on Kindle)
  6. If I keep it, can I store it?
I culled all my magazines, having a strict rule that only magazines that are less than a year old get kept and as a new one comes in, an old one gets thrown out.  This was a hard one, as I love going through my magazines, and I do refer to them often.  But I kept up the mantra 'I will be able to find these ideas and inspirations online and of course on Pinterest'. 

About 4pm, my office was ready for its second coat, so we repeated the morning process and were washing up brushes and trays by 5pm.  It was wonderful to be able to put away all the painting gear in its proper place, having sorted out the shed.  Felt like we were real grown ups!

A friend called by and offered to cook dinner for us, which was lovely and very welcome.  Uncle J came over as well to check out the progress of his and Mr K's 'boys' room.  I think he approves.  The boys were in there, drinking and chatting away well after I headed for bed.  Its perfect - they get their space, and the rest of my house stays nice.

Tomorrow is the final day of our 'holidays' and the final rooms get new carpet.

My soon to be office, before painting

First Coat of paint.  Looks lighter already, new carpet will lighten it even more

Final coat.  Now to dry overnight

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