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Renovation Day 8

Saturday - warm and sunny!

So, today is painting the walls day. Finally. How exciting.  Isn't it funny that its taken us a full 7 days work to get to the very thing that I wanted to do in the first place. Sounds simple, 'lets paint the walls' but the reality is an awful lot of preparation. It's worth it however, the finish is so much better when you prepare properly.

Wrote the first paragraph early this morning.  And guess what?  We didn't get one lick of paint on the walls!  Pulling  off the blue (and very expensive) masking tape, also pulled off all the paint around the doors!  grr I was so mad and disappointed.  This tape was guaranteed to not pull the paint off the walls.  What we found out was when the rooms were originally painted by the boys, 10 years ago, a think a few short cuts were taken! The walls were not wiped clean, and although we used a prep coat, I think the plaster was not dry enough to paint.  Lessons, lessons, lessons!

So, today was spent using scrapers to take off the flaking paint and getting back to a solid base.  Painful, and very frustrating, but it had to be done.  We figured that a job worth doing, was worth doing well.  Gee, we must both be growing up.  Coated all the bare walls and patches in a special primer/sealer which takes 24 hours to dry.  So that's that for the end rooms for today.

The rest of the day was spent patching cracks, holes scrapes in the library.  Cleaned the ceiling and made the decision to not paint it as it came up really well with a clean.  This room only has one door frame to paint, so will do it by hand.  Plus the outside wooden door that needs repairs and will be a weekend job.

We have promised each other to have one weekend off, and the next weekend ticking off jobs on the list.  This way we will get a rest and get the niggling work completed.

Tomorrow we paint!

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