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A couple of the trees at church are now in bloom. I've missed church the last few weeks as I've been recovering from a virus. The seasonal changes in the plants are quite noticeable. Spring is only a few weeks away now.

Miss O was awarded an encouragement voucher from her hockey coach this Saturday. She wanted to share the experience with Miss V so the three of us had our first ever visit to Gloria Jean's. I must say the food looked better than it tasted, I think home cooking has spoilt us a little.

The outing itself was delightful, something we'd like to do again sometime.

A gentle walk around the neighbourhood in the pleasant warmth of the midday sun revealed some treasures. I've missed my walks, thankfully I'm feeling better each day.

 The twins love their sport, thoroughly enjoying their hockey all winter as well as girl's rep. cricket. Summer is the main cricket season, they can hardly wait.

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