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Little Surprises

The first bloom from my early winter planting!

There's something special about growing a new-to-you plant for the first time. When last I bought seeds I added a packet I'd never heard of before - "Livingstone Daisy" Mesembryanthemum, Dorotheanthus bellidiflorus.

"Versatile and easy to grow" said the packet - suits my gardening style! They are a small succulent, native to South Africa, plants growing only 3" or 8cm high and wide.

"Seedlings emerge 14-21 days" the packet stated. Miss E was quite excited to discover her first green tips this morning, just 6 days after planting!!! Sowing in late winter isn't ideal but I'm hopeful they will grow well anyway.

Another of my little Livingstone Daisies is about to burst into flower, a pink one this time. I look forward to seeing which colours Miss E's will be.

Do you enjoy growing something new and different in your garden or do you prefer to stay with your favourites? I like to do a little of both but definitely enjoy the element of surprise which comes with cultivating the previously unknown.

Sharing at Flower Art Friday (first photo), Weekend Flowers.

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