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Pleasantly Mistaken

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Gazing in wonder this week at the multitude of photos I've taken of this one flower.....


Remember this bud from last week which I named Ranunculi? When it opened a few days later it revealed its true identity as an Anemone Poppy!!!!




Look at that centre, isn't it just stunning!

                                                                                                  6.                                                 Available for purchase

Is it any wonder I've been fascinated by its beauty?


Late each afternoon the flower petals gently close, as if protecting the magnificent centre-piece. The photo above taken around 9am the following morning, the one below less than two hours later.





Today is the third day since it first opened, it seems to spread wider open each day, maybe the gorgeous pink filament arms are a little longer too (comparing this one to photo #1 at the top), sheltered again each evening  by perfectly pink petals. I am so enjoying this beautiful flower, another first for me. Quite happy to have been mistaken, I wonder if any of my real ranunculi will show themselves and flower?

NOTE: The Anemone Poppy, Anemone Coronaria, is also known as Wind Poppy and belongs to the Ranunulaceae family. It is native to the Mediterranean area.

PHOTOGRAPHY NOTE: Each macro here taken using my fixed-lens Lumix superzoom with a Raynox macro conversion lens attached.

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