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Spring and Photography

Happy, Sunshiny First Day of Spring Everybody!!

Even though its a little overcast here in Perth, it still feels like spring - there is a balmy breeze and a hint of summer in the air.

Spring always reminds me of my Dad's saying ..

Spring is Sprung
The Grass has ris'
I wonder where the
Birdies is?

My garden is a pretty bad state, having been neglected the whole of winter.  As most things are in pots (in preparation for moving to Wattle Grove - 3 years ago!) plants don't do very well and need a lot more TLC.

Going to have an overhaul of the whole garden this Spring and while I am doing that I will use it as a subject to develop my photography skills.

BIG learning curve ahead of me as I am (a) not very artistic  (b) not at all photogenic myself and (c) clueless when it comes to this whole subject.  But we all have to start somewhere and this is where I start to learn and experiment about the art of taking better photo's.


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