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Three Days In

It's Wednesday evening, dinner is simmering away on the stove (authentic Italian Bolognaise sauce), I can smell it from my office.  Did I say MY office?  MY very own, no-one but me is allowed office?  It's such a thrill.  I have been silently falling in love with this room since first thing Monday morning.  But like all women who fall in love, as soon as we have them, we want to start changing them.  Just little cosmetic things, maybe a bad habit or two, they way they dress, how they do their hair - just enough change to put our own stamp on them without breaking the original character. 

Thus it is with my very own office.  It looks outside through 2 casement windows.  Sadly the view at the moment is the 4X4 Navara and some weeds.  But I have plans come Spring.  I have a desk that goes across the two windows, fresh air and light - something I missed terribly in the basement that was my old office.  The desk has my PC/monitor (all in one), a printer/scanner/fax machine (all in one), a lamp, a jar of jelly beans, a box of tissues and a pencil holder (none of them are all in one!).  That's it.  The rest gets put away every night.  I want streamlined minimalist.  I tried to even have the printer on another surface, but the tech head, aka Mr K said it had to be directly connected to my PC if I wanted to scan.  Sigh.

Now this looks messy and not calm or pretty at all.  Have to work at this

Plain old boring.  Needs colour and curtains

On my right side (yes I know all that know me are giggling at the thought of me working out which way was right!) are two bookcases, the closest one is full of work files and pretty boxes of stationery.  All neat and co-ordinated and appealing.  The other bookcase has books in the categories of : writing (I so want to pursue this again); genealogy (ditto) horse management (ditto, ditto) and a million cook books (I have some Nigella Lawson thing going where I imagine myself sitting at my desk writing family history cookbooks!)

Idea is good, execution is not.  Will make all files the same size and select better papers

Right next to my desk is a newly purchased heater - that was scored Monday as it was so cold in here, my fingers were frozen.  Also purchased this same day was a little bed for the muppet.  She is yet to be convinced it's her colour, and sometimes she gets on it, other times she prefers to sit right behind my chair, under the wheels - I have tufts of her tail fur to prove it.  The cat however thinks its devine.
Minty on one of the rare times she liked her bed

On the opposite side to the bookcases and to my left as I sit at my desk, is one of two credenza's.  This one proudly displays my horse on the top and paper and envelopes inside.  The other credenza is directly behind me, near the door, and this will be for odds and ends and ugly files I don't want to see the light of day.  Kinda like the interesting, but ugly fish in the depths of the dead sea.

Needs a lot of work - pictures behind I think

Ditto here, just plain dull.

Nothing adorns the walls yet, but don't worry, I have plans.  On the little wall between the casement windows will be a new clock like this:

Have purchased this and hung it up - looks lovely

and a pin-up board covered in a lovely fabric

Bought material today - will play in my craft room this weekend.

Some pictures on the walls, I am thinking some of the nice maps I have will suit.  Still havent really settled on a theme/colour accent so on the lookout for a fabric, or picture that I fall in love with that can be the jumping off point.

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