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Witnessing Miracles

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Having never grown (ranunculi) [***it has now fully opened and revealed itself to be a beautiful  Anemone poppy***] before, nor even seen them in real life, I am *surprised* and amazed at each stage as it unfolds. I feel as if I'm witnessing a miracle in my own backyard as God's creative hand reveals itself day by day in stunning ways.

From when I first laid eyes on the ranunculi "claws"  I have been happily perplexed and enjoying their uniqueness as they have slowly grown.

Taken in this morning's early light, the first bud, like a deep pink face shyly hiding under a bright frilly bonnet.

A tulip bud lies still snuggled down amongst its sheltering leaves.

                                                                             Available for purchase here

Can you believe the beauty of this little miniature? Muscari, or Grape Hyacinth, actually belongs to the Lily family,
a native of the Mediterranean area and Asia minor.

In the garden bed above, and in a pot as below, these are tiny yet truly magnificent.

Miracles {and surprises} in my own backyard........

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