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Double Pink

 10 am

Growing in my garden, this double pink Anemone Poppy has been flowering for weeks, a daily delight.

Fully opened at noon

Each day the petals open wide as the sun marches high.

8:30 the following morning

Late afternoon, like dozens of protective arms, the petals arch high and gently close. Overnight dew settles on the outside, away from the delicate centre.

10 am

Somewhat different to the pink and purple Anemone Poppies I have already shared yet equally, if not more, stunning. Double pink, double delight!

Photographic notes: All taken with my Canon 600D + 50mm f/1.4 lens.
All except the the fourth were taken with my Raynox Macro Conversion (DCR-250) lens added to the 50mm lens.
Aperture Priority at f/7.1 for the first four photos, f/20 for the fifth and f/9 for the last.

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