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Drawn by the golden western sun, I grab my camera and head towards the bridge, my sunset trysting spot.

It had been a full day, having been out on errands twice and also a walk to the bridge earlier today with the children and one of their neighbourhood friends.

New activity surprised us, the familiar scene before our eyes changing without warning.

 As we headed home we crossed paths with the Wood Duck family again.

When I last saw them I counted 10 ducklings, today there were 9, each noticeably bigger with more feather markings on their chests. Should I be sad that one has gone, or grateful that 9 remain?

The busy-ness and relentless ordering of family life fills my day, again.
The light is fading, am I too late? As I make it to the bridge, the sky glows golden orange.

I am not too late, I am just in time to witness the splendour of another sunset. I wander slowly back and forth, catching the sinking orb as it slips from view.

I stand, gently collecting photos and filling my soul. I wipe tears from my eyes as I'm lost in another magnificent sunset.

The glory of God shared yet again for all to see, all who have eyes see and ears to hear. In the cool of the evening, I turn for home, having gratefully witnessed another of God's generous miracles.

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