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He Was Right!

I thought it was all about the lollies, which I am loathe to buy.

He said it was all about having fun. He had seen one on TV and had an idea.

We didn't have a balloon big enough so they used three balloons which were later joined together.

It was a joint effort over several days. No arguing, lots of discussion and sharing while I just looked on. A unique homemade piñata gradually took shape.

Then the birthday morning came. Master T was now a teenager! He had blown up the balloons (with a bike pump) and carefully strung them together the night before, in preparation for our family birthday tradition of streamers and balloons.

He also made his own sponge cake which fell apart as he tried to remove it from the tin. I suggested trifle,  Master T and Miss E (20) did the rest. Marshmallows and candles completed the job.

Now was the time to put Master T's great theory to the test, hockey stick in hand. Everyone except Miss E (20) and I took turns.

HE WAS RIGHT, it was great fun to watch as each took turns to try and smash the piñata. SO much fun and laughter. Eventually the piñata broke in stages, scattering colourful sweets everywhere.

Time to quietly roast marshmallows over a candle. A beautiful evening......

Morning light revealed remnants, bearing silent witness to the previous night's excitement. I think a new  family birthday tradition has just been discovered - thanks to Master T.

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