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No, we don't own a rabbit, although some of our children  are hoping we will....
We had the privilege of petsitting Lucy for nearly two weeks, her fur is SO soft. Lucy returned home yesterday.
We'd be happy to look after her anytime, a short-term pet works very well.

You may remember Master T's birthday piñata, Miss E was very keen to have her very own stash of lollies mini piñata. Her siblings were happy to help her construct and "open" the baby piñata.

Our piñatas proved to be more like bouncy balls than brittle pots! But where there's a will, there's a way!

Hockey season finished with a flurry of preliminary finals, a grand final win (Master T's team) and presentation events. One of Miss O's hockey clubs finished with a ten pin bowling presentation event for all their teams which proved to be very popular.

Badminton with a soft foam ball suits our backyard restrictions perfectly. A birthday gift for Master T from his siblings.

Miss E always likes to play on the swings at church before and after the service.

The view from our church grounds last Sunday, the clouds were amazing. The flood plains below and hills beyond are quite brown following our dry and frosty winter. Thankfully we have had a few spring storms this week, bringing much appreciated rain.

I hope your recent days have yielded joy and beauty of their own too.

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