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Testing the Waters

The children spotted him this morning, a beautiful big, lime green Bladder Cicada, a herald of noisy, warm evenings.

His wings look so much like leaves, providing camouflage. This Bladder Cicada was about 6cm or 2.5" long.

 "Can we have a swim today?"
Although a warm and windy day of 30C / 85F, the pool water is still quite cold due to our cool nights, so I say "No".

It's only a matter of days. Two children had to change out of half wet jeans after testing the waters today......

Our "resident" Blue Tongue Lizard is looking for shade as much as sun these days.

The tiny Erigeron Daisies are beginning to flower profusely.

Our Butterfly Trees (named after their butterfly-shaped leaves) are flowering, one pink, one white.

At 7pm this evening I hear crickets and also a cicada welcoming the first of many warm evenings, it's still 25C / 77F. All nature seems to be testing the waters of our summery spring.

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