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24 Hours

Same place (from the footbridge looking west) same time of day (around 8am) same camera (trusty Lumix super zoom) same edits (minimal). Images on the left taken yesterday, images on the right today.

Looking east.....identical edits etc.

The last few days have been very hot, up to 38.9 C (102 F) and windy, perfect for wildfires, or as they are known here, bushfires. Yesterday's local paper read "main fires causing a concern.... a 2000 hectare blaze (5000 acres).....no threat to property....backburning operations will put more smoke in the air..."

We live in a rural area of a big land!

Late yesterday a cool change came through with a few patchy showers of rain. Much of the smoke has been blown away now and hopefully the fire fighters will be able to extinguish the remaining fires.

 Not even the smoke could blot the beautiful jacaranda flowers from sight as they are now all bursting into bloom.

Yesterday morning I came across the local family of wild Wood Duck, there are still 9 ducklings, almost as large as their parents now!

Amongst the smoke-difused light, these nearby amaryllis looked just as wonderful as they could be.

Grateful for a cool change and cleaner air, today is far more pleasant for everyone.

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