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Ahhhh. Hows the bloody serenity?

My little white dog is out the front gates barking (actually yapping in a way that only little dogs can yap).  I really should go out there and stop her but I am making a stance about all the other noise I hear:
  • One neighbours little girls are outside playing - which is really lovely, except they both squeal like only little girls can squeal (which is what set my dog off to start with).  It's ear piercing and extremely annoying and been going on for an hour now.
  • Three other dogs in the cul-de-sac are also having their afternoon bark-fest.
  • Another neighbour is still 'working' in his I-don't-think-its-legal welding and blacksmith workshop.  He is an artist in metal, and he gets the call to create at all hours of the day and sometimes night.  He welds and grinds and bangs most of the day.  I actually don't know how he gets away with it as his place is also a B&B.
  • Yet another neighbour is having Friday night drinks - its not too noisy yet, but its only early.  I can hear every single personal conversation and am quite tempted to pop over and enjoy the gossip.
  • Thank goodness they have stopped whipper snippering on the railway line for the day.  There are about 5 whipper snippers going full bore, the train comes along and sounds its horn, then a air blast from the works supervisor warns them again.  The whipper snippers cut to idle while the train goes past, and then they all start up again.
  • The border collie thinks the train line workers are there for his sole amusement and barks at them most of the day.  Its pointless trying to stop him (I even took him for a extra long run to wear him out, but this too failed)
  • The boy at the front of our house is playing basketball ... bounce, bounce, thwat, bounce, bounce, thwat ...
  • The sound of peak hour traffic on the main road is broken every now and again by a siren.  Which is then broken by a express train hurtling by.
  • The father of the little girls has got his blowervac out. Again.  He does this at least 2 times a week - has the man never heard of a damn broom?  He has already cut down all the trees in his yard, my neighbours yard and 'trimmed' the ones in my driveway.  What the hell has he got to clean up??
  • My mother-in-law has stepped outside for a smoke and is coughing up a lung (yes, she lives in a granny flat attached to our house)

Ahhhh.  Hows the bloody serenity?

PS: In case you missed it, I am NOT happy about being in suburbia right this moment.

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