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Another First

For several years Miss O and Miss V have watched and heard about their older siblings cricket adventures. This year they were both keen to play too. Their first ever game was Saturday morning. Playing in the youngest age group, the rules are quite different, giving everyone a fair go regardless of skill level.

Miss O and Miss V were asked to be the opening batters. They had fun and so did everyone else as we enjoyed the beginners' efforts and tried to work out the new rules.

Miss V batting, this is her first time playing a team sport.

Some of the players were as young as five - very cute!

A photographer from the local paper took a few photos of this game and several others. By Saturday evening they were online, including two of our girls.

Each child also had a turn bowling. All had a good game, lots of fun, laughter and at only 2 hours, somewhat quicker than the games played by the older children.

A wonderful introduction to the great sport or cricket.

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