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Beautiful Now

When the realities of life and age take their toll, there still remains much to be grateful for. To try and capture this idea in a personal way I created a gift book (through Shutterfly) for my parents-in-love 57th wedding anniversary which was earlier this week.

I paired some of my favourite quotes with photos of family, nature and familiar places.

 This is how they looked 58 years ago, young and newly in love.

Yesterday I had opportunity to give their book to them.

It was well received and I'm sure they will look over many times, savouring the quotes and photos at their leisure. I hope the thoughts encourage them, particularly now as difficult decisions lie in the very near future.

 They have managed thus far with much in-house assistance each day. When multiple medical issues, mobility and mental ability are compromised in both to varying degrees, life is currently barely workable or safe in their home. Their care requirements are beyond what we could hope to offer and our own home is unsuitable for many reasons. Alternatives need to be looked into.

 Yesterday Master T and I accompanied them as they were given a personal tour of a couple of aged care centres. We are grateful to have such high quality care facilities available within an hour's drive.

The last page of their special book reads.....

"Dreams are renewable.
No matter what our age or condition,
there are still untapped possibilities within us
and new beauty waiting to be born."
                                                         Dale Turner

I trust my parents-in-love will look for those "untapped possibilities" and the "new beauty" in the next season which lays ahead. 

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