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Creative Writing Course - Brief

The Old Claremont Teachers College (now home to the UWA Extension Courses and AMEB)

Only a very brief post (for the moment) about my precious (think Gollum) gift of a day.

I attended the writing workshop today at UWA Extension and now feel intense pressure to write something pithy and extraordinary, but after six hours straight writing, my creative streak has run dry - for now!  My head and creative juices are overflowing, but I need time to let them all sink in.

If anyone is thinking of doing any of these creative writing courses, I highly recommend it.

Each lesson and subject we tackled was, to me, like a Christmas present, to be opened slowly and with anticipation of joy and wonder.  I wanted to savour each one, words and sentences thrilled me.  But then would come the next lesson - and I wanted to open that one too - but the last present still sat there, glittering at me and I was drawn in so many directions.

In a totally good way however .. it was all just so exciting and full of endless possibilities.

I have about 15 starts to short stories ... each one was an exercise but each one laden with promise of more to come.

I wont get a wink of sleep tonight ... my mind has already started my novel.


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