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Just Visiting

Let me share snaps of some of the visitors I found in the garden today.

Golden Orb Weaver

Amongst the coriander seed pods

Hover Fly

And then I went visiting, having a quick look at another aged care centre, this one is in our own town. I have arranged for my parents-in-love to come and have a tour in about 10 days time, I think it may be what they are looking for.

It was very pleasant and is one of the very few centres in our area which is able to accommodate the differing levels of care required by each.

A brief garden stroll is the perfect way for me to begin and end each day. With summer fast approaching there seems to be an increase in garden activity of all kinds.

Many thanks for all your wonderful comments on Master J's photos and also my recent posts. I seem to have little time to blog reading at the moment as family requirements are quite high......

Thanks for dropping by,

PS All photos taken with my trusty old Lumix. I used my Raynox attachment for the two ladybug photos.

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