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Prioritising Procrastination

So, on my desk right now are four piles of paper.  Let’s go through each one and see how I am a master of putting off til tomorrow, or any other time that is convenient, things that I could (and should) get done right now.

1.       Today’s filing.  (as opposed to the other Great Pile of many, many days’ worth of filing that sits on my credenza beyond me – out of sight … you know).  After the Great Pile toppled a week ago, I resolved to file as I went and put away in the correct files the paperwork that I had processed that day.  Little and often and all that jazz.  The intention is to file it before I leave my office, but I hear the theme of East Enders starting up and there is no way I am missing what Sharon did today!

2.       Suppliers that need paying NOW.  Well they should feel lucky that I have even pulled out their invoices and have a vague notion to pay them!  More than my Debtors do for me.  I meant to pay them today, before the 2pm (soon to be 1pm due to daylight saving that we in the West never get) cut-off for processing batch banking.  Oh well, will have to be done tomorrow now.

3.       Statements for the end of month that need reconciling.  I actually like this task.  Love it when it says “reconciled” – I know, I need a hobby, or at the very least a romantic liaison with a stranger.  Wonder if he would let me reconcile his bank account?

4.       Grand ideas and plans for anything from meetings at work, a new veg patch, blog ideas, a new budget.  All the plans and hopes and dreams for another day.  Even my dreaming is procrastinated!

So, why didn’t I get them all attended to today like I planned? 
Fifty Shades of Tedious fuckery .. that's why.  I was drawn to this blog review as passionately as the vanilla housewives were drawn to its nauseating name sake Fifty Shades of Grey.
I found this Blog …. And got completely and utterly drawn in.  I will blame thank a fellow blogger for this, as it’s all Laura's fault .  I have resisted writing any type of review on this drivel, as, like the Irish author of this blog, I got so angry at how badly written this book was that I shouted at it, repeatedly.  I didn’t want all that bad energy coming through the posts of my blog.


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