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Room for Ten?

We are always very hesitant to ask to stay with friends or family, ten people is somewhat of a crowd, even if we are rather quiet. However trying to find holiday accommodation for ten is also very difficult....

The twins had to to be in Dubbo for their long weekend of cricket. I rang an uncle who lives there, cautiously asking if we may sleep on his floor for a few nights. My uncle and aunt generously opened their home to us. In my aunt's absence, my uncle looked after us all exceptionally well. 

It was a delight to discover that my uncle is a keen gardener. Beautifully kept extensive flower beds, soft lawns, fruit trees, a shade house and an immaculate vegetable patch are proof of his interest, energy and knowledge. He also keeps several birds, including three laying hens. One of the most relaxing and pleasant backyards I have ever been in.

Wonderfully inspiring as I look at my own smaller patch of backyard.

Late one afternoon I took a quick walk a few blocks away, searching out a house which holds special memories. My grandparents lived their retirement years in this house, we spent numerous holidays staying with them as a family during my childhood. Both grandparents were avid gardeners, having moved from a farm into town.

So many wonderful memories. The solid brick fence remains unchanged, as is the exterior of the house, but the gardens are all but gone, something of a wilderness with large dogs barking in the backyard.

 Life can be a strange mix of change and beautiful memories. Family and faith is pivotal in bringing the pieces of life together in a meaningful way.

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