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The Long Road Home

After three action packed days in Dubbo (four previous posts) it was time to head for home. For the first half of our journey we took a different route which proved to be a little shorter and quicker as well as giving us the thrill of crossing new-to-us territory. No time to stop for photos as we 700km (435 miles) to travel in the day.

Bright yellow canola fields are a fascination to us, something we had never seen until this trip. I think it's only become a popular crop here in recent years.

We passed through a small country town called Dunedoo, which means "swan" in the language of the local aborigines. We do have some very original town names in this country!

We stopped for a snack break at the next small country town. Their little park had many native flowers including the grevillea below as well as irises and other European flowers. It was surprisingly well kept.

 Back on the road again, I enjoyed playing photographers' eye-spy as my husband kept driving.

After our lunch break we climbed up to the tablelands where the terrain is noticeably different.

Another small country town of around 2,500 people.

Our last stop was a new-to-us park in the "university city" from our trip out. Somewhere to play was the request, and toilets/restroom of course. This park had a lovely selection of play equipment but at first we couldn't see the toilets. However on closer inspection we discovered this strange looking "building" housed the facilities we were searching for!

Everything operated by touch-free or near touch sensors. The door locked for a maximum of ten minutes and it talked to you as well as played music! It was the most novel toilet we had ever seen! There was much laughter and joking about this one.

From there I drove the windy downhill last leg of our journey, arriving home just as nightfall came. Another rather exhausting day of 700km. It felt good to be home safely, our tired minds filled with memories of wonderful sights and adventures.

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