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The "Why"

I have shared with you the "how" and some of the "what" of our long weekend away. Here is the "why".

Miss N, a great left-handed pace bowler.

Miss N and Miss G, our 14 year old twins, were part of a girls' cricket team representing our region. Many weekends and Sundays during winter were spent training as a team, in various towns around our area. They have all become good friends over the months and work together very well as a team.

Celebrations after one of Miss N's wickets

Over the weekend the six regional teams played four half day games each. On the Friday afternoon they had training sessions in preparation for their games.

Miss N swapping the ball for her wicket keeping gloves

Miss G, also a good pace bowler

Well bowled Miss G!

Some had a great weekend with the bat too.

Our twins love their cricket. Our local cricket comp begins tomorrow. Six of our children will be playing this season with Miss V and Miss O playing for the first time.

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