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Through My Bedroom Window

Imagine my delight on our first morning home from Dubbo when this view met my eyes through my bedroom window!

Our Butterfly Trees were in full bloom and the Rainbow Lorikeets had discovered them.

For the last three weeks these native nectar feeders have dropped by for quick snacks, often several times a day.

They like both the white flowers and also the pink.

Whether misty mornings or hot days, they come, usually in pairs, for a hasty feed.

Seed pods and a Superb Blue Wren - all taken today

The flowers have nearly finished now and long seed pods are forming, green ones on the white flowering tree and red pods on the pink flowering tree.

This is our 12th year in this house and each autumn we have heavily pruned these trees to let in the winter light and to keep them from rubbing on the house. Each spring they have grown long new branches but hardly ever any flowers. Last autumn we selectively trimmed them and they have rewarded us with masses of flowers and then the surprise of these wonderfully colourful birds.

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