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Travelling Along

Australia is a vast land with a huge range of geography and climate. Last Thursday we travelled about 700km (435 miles). Let me share some of the highlights.

We live along the flat coastal flood plains and we had to cross The Great Dividing Range which runs down most the east coast of Australia. This brought many twists and turns as we climbed higher.

Three hours later we reached our first snack break, a lovely university "city" with a population of around 20,000. Being at a higher altitude the climate and vegetation is quite different to our town.

The trees with lime green foliage appear to be covered in seed pods, not leaves or blossoms. Can anyone identify these for me?

From there we headed further on and down in altitude through drier country to the next city (pop. 60,000). We stopped for our lunch break under the shade of this marvellous spreading tree.

The next leg of our journey, which I drove, brought us to a smaller country town (pop. 3,000) with some interesting birdlife in the park.

The Blue-faced Honeyeater is always a treat to see.

These geese were rather more possessive of the park and a little aggressive.

Back in the passenger seat I had fun trying to catch shots of points of interest as we sped along at over 100km (60 miles) per hour. Please ignore the reflections and squished insects on the windscreen.....

Fields of wheat are now green and beginning to form heads. The green is a wonderful contrast to the dry yellow grasses which grow here naturally.

Mostly wheat and sheep are farmed "out west".

 It's now late afternoon. It's been along day, yet rarely quiet.

Around 700km later we are almost at our destination, yet we haven't even travelled half way across our state. I love the variety of our country - seeing all these scenes in one day is somewhat tiring but wonderfully invigorating too. We arrive at Dubbo, a stately inland city of around 33,000 people.

More to share in the next post......

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