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Where Are The Lions?

"Where are the lions?" Miss E asked again. Some of us were visiting Dubbo's premier tourist attraction,  Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Covering more than 300 hectares (740 acres), it is Australia's greatest open range zoo.

Watching two days of cricket is great - if you're an enthusiast. A look around the zoo was much more interesting than another cricket game, especially for the younger ones.

 Did you know Australia has more camels than Arabia? They run feral through some of our large desert interior.
In fact we export camels to Arabia!

"I want to see the lions."

"Where are the lions?"

Almost there....

Miss E loves animals!

And she enjoyed taking photos with her toy camera - shooting the zebras.

"Look, it's not real, you can sit on it." One of many zoo statues.

This much bigger Galapagos Tortoise definitely was real!

"Which animals did you like the most?" Miss E was asked.

"The tiger because he was growling!"

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