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A Long Time Gift

The patterns and colours appealed to me as soon as I saw them. I ordered the fabrics (Poppy by Laura Gunn) from the US but when as they arrived I felt they were perfect for another family.

A strip quilt would bring out the best in these wonderful fabrics. Arranging and rearranging on our dining table, I took photos to better assess each layout and make decisions.

I was very pleased with the finished quilt. Then I just had to wait until the gift could be given.

The wait became longer than anticipated and the quilt became even more appealing.

For the backing I used my favourite fabric in this range - Big Poppy Spice - which is now out of print.

Freshly washed and ready to give, Miss E enjoyed "helping" with the photos. "Poppy Quilt" has now reached its destination and I'm told the new owners like it very much, which makes me happy, for if they didn't, I would have secretly wanted it back.   :)

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