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Bloody smoke detectors!

Was woken both yesterday morning and this morning by our smoke detector going off at precisely 5am.  Yesterday, the ear piercing (and now I know that's a real state, my ears were ringing) sound made both me and the little old lady dog jump out of bed.  Not good for her, she is old and blind and arthritic, and not good for me as I am just unfit and not nimble anymore.  Poor little girl, she hates high pitched noises, so there she sat shivering and shaking while I tried to find my dressing gown.

Of course by the time I did (find my dressing gown), and opened the bedroom door, the alarm had stopped.  Did a quick check for smoke, of course nothing.  The detector is hard wired into the ceiling but has a back-up battery that obviously needed changing - so like a very loud baby it let me know.

Mr K?  My knight, the man of the house, my protector?  He was sound asleep - the sleep of the dead!  So really great device this - it goes off when it shouldn't, and doesn't wake half the occupants in the house.

Mr K did redeem himself however and went down the shops to buy a new battery (and a spare one for next time).  He fitted it and all was well.

Except ... it went off AGAIN this morning.  Same bat time, same bat channel!  Same two people (well one people and one fury wanna be people) who were dragged out of slumber by the bells of smoke detectors.  I got the step ladder, climbed up to the wicked little white dome and pressed my finger in hard to its little button.  The noise stopped - but I was now rendered deaf. 

What?  Deaf I said.

Guess who was again sound sleep?

If it goes off tomorrow morning I am ripping it down from the ceiling, taking the plaster with it if I have to, and dumping it on Mr-sleeping-ugly-K - that ought to wake him.

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