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Five Years Ago

Five years ago this week my husband and Miss E were in India, just as they are right now. This morning I located the photos they had taken while there. Much is the same as when I was last there 22 years ago, but also much has changed.

Today India has better mobile phone reception than Australia, however other infrastructure is definitely not comparable in most localities.

India remains a land of tremendous contrasts and is culturally varied and very different to Australia.

Miss E was 15 then. My husband lead a small group from church to visit and assist some of our Indian friends (different ones to the current visit) who were holding an annual conference in the middle of India for their workers, most of whom are working in northern India.

After the conference our friends took our little team to a tourist destination in north India for a day of sightseeing before a little more work.

The scenes are a feast for the eyes, although somewhat overwhelming at times while you are there in person. Miss E is enjoying her current trip much more, being older and having been before makes a big difference.

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