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"Is it a Snake?"

That was the thought which flashed through my mind when first I saw this flower spike out of the corner of my eye. As it grew taller my curiosity grew also - what was this going to look like?

Then in the middle of one day some buds seemed to be swelling.

Five hours later when next I looked, they had sprung open.

Above and below were also taken late that afternoon, each flower appearing like a bell during its opening process.

Each day a few more buds would swell and then open late in the afternoon. Here my favourite little model  gives you an indication of the size of the flower spike (as well as the spinach/silverbeet which seems to love this particular spot in the garden).

A total of 30 days passed between the first and last photos here. It was quite a delightful experience to watch this yucca plant flower, a plant which I didn't expect any flowers from at all.

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