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Lighthouse Desire

The last time I visited our closest lighthouse was in the last millennium and well before I had a digital camera. While Miss V and Miss O were enjoying all the fun of yesterday's birthday party I executed my plan. This lighthouse was only 15 minutes drive away and while the weather wasn't postcard perfect nor was the time of day ideal,  I had a brief opportunity and I took it!

Looking southeast from Lighthouse Hill, down to a small beach below, one of many long the coast.

 A zoomed-in view of the surf club makes me curious, I hope for a closer inspection one day......

Further up the hill behind the lighthouse is a scale model of the original lighthouse and keeper's quarters  (built in 1879) on the original site. This replica was completed just 12 months ago and now houses a local radio station.

The original lighthouse was decommissioned in 1955 when the new/current lighthouse began operating. The following year the old lighthouse was demolished to make way for an early water reservoir which was itself demolished in1987 when the larger reservoir was constructed nearby. The lighthouse replica now sits on the original site from where you can look past the 1955 lighthouse and out to sea.

 Neither the lighthouse nor replica are open to the public but you are free to wander around their exterior and appreciate both buildings and their wonderful location.

I would love to know which of these photos you like the best. I had fun editing and ended up with so many favourites - so I have shared them all!

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