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Making it "Real"

Have you ever eagerly waited for photos (back in the days of film) only to be somewhat dismayed that they didn't capture the scene as you expected? During my first trip to India in 1988, a ten week low budget visit during India's summer, I carefully chose my shots hoping to capture the experience to share with family at home. The photos were such a poor reflection of the reality. You cannot capture the smell, excessive heat, constant movement, draining humidity, grittiness on the skin and cacophony of sounds in a photo.

Above we have a traffic scene in Purnia from the team's visit this month. Looks interesting - however, their video clip below gives a much more accurate sense of what it was really like. Now if only we could breathe the air too......

[You may want to stop the regular blog music first by pausing the small You-Tube clip at the very bottom of the page.]

Did you notice the mobile phone signs along the way?

Thank you for watching.

You can recap on the "why" of the team going to India here.
I was at home in Australia, looking after the rest of our family (see previous posts for more details).

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