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November 24.......2007

No matter how you look at it, the Taj Mahal is a magnificent sight. Exactly five years ago today my husband and Miss E (then 15) were at "The Taj".

I had the pleasure of visiting the Taj Mahal with my husband at the tail end of our five month stay in India in 1991, my second and most recent visit in India.  Let me share a little of this famous Indian landmark with you through my husband's photos from 2007.

Miss E is the one with the long plait and white shirt. Her hair is much longer now.

The sheer size of the Taj Mahal is hard to imagine from photos alone.

The Persian calligraphy is mostly quotes from the Qur'an. What amazed me on close inspection was that the writing and and the intricate designs are all made from precious and semi precious stones, inlaid into the white marble. The calligraphy is made from jasper or black marble.

Another thing which surprised me was that there is so much more than just the main building which is a tomb. The complete layout of the site, the gardens and other buildings are beautifully symmetrical and detailed.

 Wikipedia is a great source for further information on the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world.

 Again the tremendous contrasts of India are clearly evident - this is the view behind the Taj Mahal.

Miss E and my husband are currently on their way back to Australia. I know they were not visiting the Taj Mahal this time. The Taj Mahal is very much "tourist India" yet certainly worth trying to see if you have the chance.

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