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Oh Happy Day!

In the early morning light two gorgeous poppies pronounced glory to the day. You can see the maturing seed head of the single poppy which bloomed and dropped petals all in one day, exactly two weeks ago.

It had been 5 whole days since our last email from my husband and Miss E who are currently in India. "Internet cafe...across the road....from the hotel" they said.    

                         Then nothing........ for 5 days.

Until late this afternoon. Apparently there has been three public holidays in a row and nothing has been open. All is well, they are having an amazing time - as I had hoped.

I head out to the garden, greatly relieved and very happy! This morning's poppies have retained their magnificent petals which are now gently closed like elegant fans protecting their centres.

I let my camera dance with my heart. Oh happy day!

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