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They're Back!...... Let's Travel to India

Miss E (20) and my husband arrived home safely from India yesterday afternoon. There has been much catching up and story telling over photos. Let me share their trip over to India to start with. You can read on the story of leaving the team at Brisbane International Airport here.

Flying over Brisbane you can clearly see  the Brisbane Cricket ground, affectionately known as "The Gabba".

Amidst the fuel fumes you can just make out the players. There was an international test match in progress between Australia and South Africa. Miss G and Miss N - this is for you! (Miss G and Miss N are currently interstate themselves playing cricket - it will be over a week until we are all together at last as a family).

Continuing over Brisbane city and you can see the CBD and the iconic Story Bridge.

My husband was on the opposite side of the plane.

Over 2000 km (1200miles) travelled and still passing over the various landforms of our continent.

The changing cloud formations are fascinating.

This appears to be a small active volcano island amongst Indonesia's 18,000+ islands.

At last they arrived in Singapore Changi Airport. Being very late at night it was unusually quite.

Changi Airport looks like a pleasant place to pass some time, even though it's nighttime.

These are the cameras they took with them. Most the photos shared are taken by Miss E with Miss V's new little Sony Cybershot (which cost under $100). I'm quite impressed!

A few hours later they caught their flight to Delhi where the airport is very open and welcoming.
The real adventure soon begins......

Sharing at Our World Tuesday, SkyWatch Friday.

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